Chianti. The word conjures images of a earthy and clear red wines. Notes of herb, dried fruit and cherry.

Rolling vineyards, where these wines are made, abound. But which ones to visit in order to experience the finest?

To answer this question we decided to do the following tour. The stops were complied from past experience and recommendations from friends. All are wineries, except the final stop which is a restaurant. Can’t taste wines in an empty stomach.

12:30 Barone Ricasoli ( at Enoteca del Castello di Brolio.

14:30 Badia a Coltibuono ( – 50 minute winery tour and tasting

16:00 Farm Fontodi Di Giovanni and Marco Manetti (

17:30 Castelvecchi ( wine tasting confirmed with Elisa at Cantina Castelvecchi in Radda.

19:30 La Bottega, Volpaia. This is simply our favourite restaurant in Chianti. Stunning views over the vineyards with inexpensive but tasty traditional fare. Included in the Michelin guide. Book ahead. If you arrive early you can also taste the fine wines of Castillo di Volpaia which is next door.

We will let you know how our tour goes. Salute.

One thought

  1. Very eloquent James and a nicely written article ! I wish I was there to enjoy all the great places you mention! I remember Rada they had a great market and we had very nice pizza in a cafe. Keep up the blogs 😊Xxx


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